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ISBN: 9780747543282

9780747543282 - Boyle, T. C.: Riven Rock
Boyle, T. C. (?):

Riven Rock (?)

ISBN: 9780747543282 (?) ou 0747543283, en anglais, Bloomsbury Publishing, Nouveau, ebook

7,06 (US$ 7,99)¹(livraison gratuite, sans obligation)
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Du vendeur/antiquaire
Fiction, This extraordinary love story, based on historical characters and written with Boyle's customary brilliance and wit, follows the lives of two scarred creatures living in a magical age. It is the turn of the century. Stanley McCormick, the twenty-nine-year-old heir to the great Reaper fortune, meets and marries Katherine Dexter, a woman of 'power, beauty, wealth and prestige'. Two years later, Stanley falls victim to a tormenting sexual mania and schizophrenia, and is imprisoned in the massive forbidding mansion known as Riven Rock. He spends the next two decades under the control of a succession of psychiatrists, all of whom forbid any contact with women. Yet Katherine Dexter, now famous as a champion for women's suffrage and Planned Parenthood, remains strong in her belief that someday her husband will return to her whole. Based on a true story of love, madness and sexuality this is a tragic book with enormous depth and scope. Set in America at the turn of the century, it is full of fascinating historical detail. eBook
Numéro de commande vendeur: 1567550
Numéro de commande de plate-forme eb-1567550
Catégorie: Fiction
Données de 24-08-2016 21:37h
ISBN (notations alternatives): 0-7475-4328-3, 978-0-7475-4328-2
9780747543282 - T.Coraghessan Boyle: Riven Rock
T.Coraghessan Boyle (?):

Riven Rock (1999) (?)

ISBN: 9780747543282 (?) ou 0747543283, en français, Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, Livre de poche, Utilisé

33,27 (US$ 35,29)¹ + Expédition à la France: 3,76 (US$ 3,99)¹ = 37,03 (US$ 39,28)¹(sans obligation)
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Du vendeur/antiquaire, Serendipity UnLtd
Paperback, Format: Import, Label: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 1999-04-22, Studio: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Numéro de commande de plate-forme ng0CRALO3hzo8T0759Pfin3AokhnXT f9b%2FgsQzVTrITcoHRAPxBf9m1ot5 s%2B1y5hDlwb2vxfqEv4H1JSJu6ftt IKM5RZfeS2A4WcgeWv5%2F9FQBYJC9 ErN7SJgLz3Dt3oI%2FehzQNmhx3r0E m9CXGbV9l1OwdmisnB
Mots-clés: Arts & Photography, Biographies & Memoirs, Business & Money, Calendars, Children's Books, Christian Books & Bibles, Comics & Graphic Novels, Computers & Technology, Cookbooks, Food & Wine, Crafts, Hobbies & Home, Education & Teaching, Engineering & Transportation, Gay & Lesbian, Health, Fitness & Dieting, History, Humor & Entertainment, Law, Literature & Fiction, Medical Books, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Parenting & Relationships, Politics & Social Sciences, Reference, Religion & Spirituality, Romance, Science & Math, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Self-Help, Sports & Outdoors, Teen & Young Adult, Test Preparation, Travel
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ISBN (notations alternatives): 0-7475-4328-3, 978-0-7475-4328-2


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